Why Am I Here?


With life’s many twists and turns some can go a lifetime trying to figure out what our passion is.   I have always had a strong passion for spirituality.  I have a keen sense when I am not “alone”.

For a great many years it frightened me and I pushed it away.  With time I learned to trust my instincts and let the fear subside.  Still at best I have a lot to learn and welcome any shared knowledge.

As I grow to get to know myself a bit better I am discovering things about myself daily.   I am an introvert….for the longest time I figured I was just awkward (lol I will admit, I am).  Being an introvert for me means: having anxiety, endless mind chatter, and the list could continue forever!  The good thing about being an introvert is it made me do some self discovery.

Now while I have the hardest time showing emotion in a face to face setting, writing gives me an opportunity to:

  1. Heal
  2. Voice my opinion
  3. Show empathy
  4. Slows down the mind chatter
  5. Allows others to not feel alone


So please, any of you out there that feel you are alone…..You truly are not!  This path that we are on is meant for beauty and purpose!

You just have to “Trust Your Journey”!